EBS, Inc.

Company was created to advance the EB stormwater device.


Ralph G. Mastromonaco, the inventor and President of EBS, Inc. is a professional engineer with advanced degrees in engineering.


  1. On March 28, 2006 the US Patent and Trademark Office granted the Notice of Allowance for the Extention Basin.
  2. May 30, 2006 - Patent No. 7052206 was granted.
  3. Extention Basin Systems, Inc. debuts at StormCon July 24-27, 2006 in Denver, Colorado
  4. Extention Basin Systems, Inc. presents at Manufactured Concrete Products Convention in Orlando Convention Center, February 21 thru 25, 2007
  5. Extention Basin presents at StormCon August 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona
  6. The US Patent and Trademark Office granted the trademark "Extention Basin" in 2008
  7. 2011 Extention Basin Systems Inc. begins marketing and informational meetings in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut


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US Patent  7052206

The term "Extention Basin" is trademark protected