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Information for Engineers

Above: Installation of EBS at a residential subdivision

For Engineers and Developers - we can evaluate your project to determine how much storage volume you would save by using the Extention Basin.  

You need to have available for us the design parameters of your currently proposed Stormwater Management System.  

Most of the evaluations are free to our clients.  However, large projects may require consultation.  

If you are interested in this cost saving solution, please make arrangements to e-mail data by calling our Toll Free number.  

Call 914 271 4762 for Extention Basin Systems, Inc.  

installing Workers installing EBS Flow Control Panels in a Control Structure
Install EBS Flow Control Panel installed

EBS Installations Completed or Proposed

Main Street Plaza, Peekskill, NY - Planned for 2011 Commercial

Buena Vista Estates, (Hanover East) Peekskill, NY - Subsurface Extention Basin provided in road shoulder for 33 lot housing development - Completed

Clarion Estates, Greenburgh, NY, Installed in cul-de-sac Completed

Ambulance Corp, Westchester County, NY, Planned Approved for 2010

Our Lady of Good Counsel (expansion), Pennsylvania, Completed 2010

Harbour Place (commercial), NJ, Planned Approved for 2011

Private Corporation, Peekskill, New York - Surface-type Extention Basin constructed for Materials Recycling and Transfer station - Completed

Pembroke Square, Armonk, New York - Planned 2011 - several acres of parking / store area treated by two subsurface Extention Basins

Hunterbrook Subdivision, Yorktown, NY - Retro-Fit replacement of two large basins with one extention basin in the NYC DEP watershed  Completed

Bedford, NY Residential Subdivision - Planned 2011

Affordable Housing, Rye, NY  Planned Approved 2011

Auto Body Shop, Yorktown, NY Planned Approved 2011

Gualtiere Residential Subdivision, Ossining, NY Completed

Van Cortlandt Residential Subdivision, Ossining, NY Completed

... More on the way