EBS Features

Actual Pre-Development and EBS vs. Conventional Hydrographs


Timing:  EBS produces final hydrographs that closely match the timing and shape of the original, pre-development hydrographs.  This feature preserves the "existing" hydrology and makes development nearly transparent in the environment.

Provable performance for all storms as evidenced in the computer model made available to our clients.

Reduced disturbance, Reduced footprint, Reduced excavation all mean less overall environmental impact.

Cost Savings

Due to the smallest stormwater storage size possible, there is a natural savings in cost as smaller detention systems are required.  The savings in storage are proven to be from 40% to 50% as compared to conventional detention systems.

Also, due to the smallest footprint possible, land is saved for other uses especially in commercial developments.


EBS operates in low head situations.

Ease of Design:  Our EBS design optimizing software was designed from the ground up yet we provide the final design in standard hydraulic formats in neatly written reports that can be adapted to stormwater reports (SWPPP's) easily.

EBS uses standard construction products such as pre-cast concrete vaults.  We supply the plastic flow control panels that are installed on-site.

There are NO moving parts in the EBS


Other Features

Adapts to the range of regulations governing stormwater.


EBS always provides detailed computations based on a hydraulic computer model as confirmation that the system operates according to standard practices.


EBS can match target peak flows for all storms


Retro-Fit: Recover space by installing an EBS in place of your current subsurface or surface detention system



Note: all stormwater projects are somewhat different and rules vary widely, so the achievable reductions in storage would be based on our preliminary analysis


Important Note:

EBS is the only device that can be proven to reduce stormwater detention ponds.  Even though others make such claims - our research has not been able to validate any other device that can reduce detention storage.